This page is about how to play online craps. In order to play online craps, you need to be at least 18 years or older. If you are you then need to go ahead and create an account at any gambling site online that has craps in their games selection. To check this you can go to the casino page and sort the games after ‘table games’. Once an account has been established you can go ahead and make a deposit and then start playing. Now craps is a dice game where you should try and guess the outcome of these two dices ones they’ve been thrown. The bet can be placed on several different outcomes and your job is to try and guess the right one for the round.

Each outcome has a different payout and in order to check this, you could click on the ? or help inside the game. If you for example bet on “pass line” you would win if the outcome is 7 or 11. There are a few rules to know when playing online craps so it can be good to read some of these before you play. When you’re playing online you can also choose between different limits. Each round of the game is also quicker than what it would be in a live casino which is nice.

Play online craps in mobile devices

Something that has become very popular is playing casino games online on your mobile devices. Some years ago there weren’t many games at all that could be played on your mobile. But as the number of users has grown, so has the selection of games on mobile casinos done. This is because game providers have started to focus more and more on mobile devices. It has been necessary for more than half of all the players are now playing via their phones or tablet. Then there’s also the fact that HTML5 format is now available to develop their games via. This is a very nice little technology that allows all games to automatically adapt to the window it’s being played in. So there is no need to create two separate versions like before.

It’s therefore possible to play most new games via your smartphone. You are also able to play online craps in mobile devices because of this. So if you don’t own a computer there is no need to worry. Actually a lot of people don’t own a laptop anymore as you can do most things on your phone these days. So there’s just no real need for a PC unless you’re playing heavy computer games.

Try out for yourself

how to play online craps

If you want to try it out for yourself you can do so for free. Since the games are available as table versions you can try them with play money. This is very good as this won’t require you to create an account. Therefore it’s possible to try it out before you actually decide upon if you want to risk your own money on it or not. However, if you have tried it before we can recommend trying it out online as well. Online is where the future is heading and we will get to see a lot of new things in the future.

Also if you’re playing online, it’s possible to play other games as well. There’s slots machines, other table games, live casino games, classic slots etc available to play. Most of them are available at the same place if you’re playing on a bigger site. We’re looking forward to what the future might bring us.