Craps historyCraps is a game that was developed in the United States. It’s a simplified version of the European game called ‘Hazard’. The game itself has been around for about 200 years so it’s not something that’s very new to us. However, it’s been remaining popular in the States but hasn’t been spreading as much. Table games such as blackjack and roulette have had a much more widespread. Hazard was a bit more complicated where you could choose any number from five to nine to be the main number. While in the simplified version of craps the main number is always seven. The game rose through the underclass people and spread through the streets in the beginning.

The popularity of the game exploded during WWII among American soldiers. Craps was then played as a street version on blankets as a shooting surface. Since then the game has been growing in popularity and features a bunch of movies. It’s now also available to play online here in Europe at different online casinos.

A game of cheating

Like most games, there have been people trying to cheat in order to win money. Cheating in games involving dices is a classic. It’s possible to learn to throw the dices a specific way for example so that you often come close to the numbers you want. If you manage to do this more often than not, it will give you the edge over the house. It also has been people trying to switch the dices and cheat that way. This has been possible before as you throw the dices yourself. Nowadays it’s much harder due to the technology that the casinos have with cameras etc.

But craps are not the only game where people have tried to cheat to win. You also have games like blackjack where people try and count cards. A cheater here would then be counting high and low cards to get a certain value. After you have the right value you can then predict what will come next and win that way. In craps nowadays however it’s basically only to learn how to throw the dices that are left. The security is too high at the casinos to try something with the switching of the dices or anything like that.

Craps in the future

So how does the future look like for the game? First of all, we should be mentioning that craps aren’t too popular in Europe yet. In America however, it’s still as popular as ever and almost all casinos there would have this game. Here in Europe, there aren’t too many casinos who would offer this game. However, now that we have the technology to offer the most complex games online, it should become more popular. Things spread much quicker online and especially if it becomes a trend.

What to expect in the future could be that we could get an online live casino version of the game. To achieve this you’d then need a live dealer who would take care of the dices for you. Since in the real-life version you throw the dices yourself, something would need to be figured out as a solution for this. Maybe to have the dealer throwing them or have an automated device who will do it for you. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future might bring.